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Pap Smear, Gynecology Exam (Annual Exam)

sub_annual.jpgWell woman care remains very important at Advanced Gynecology. By maximizing healthy habits and screening as well as immunizations, the risk of developing serious medical problems can be decreased.


Gynecology Exam

The most recent guidelines for pap smear screening are to begin at age 21 and have a pap smear every 3 years in your twenties, followed by a pap smear with HPV testing every 5 years from ages 30-65 if all remain normal.

Learn more about a gynecology exam or other gynecological procedures here. 

Every woman should receive, at a minimum, an annual well-woman exam including a pelvic exam, along with various other preventive care measures and health review, despite these newly spaced-out guidelines for pap smears (when normal).

As of December 2013, we at Advanced Gynecology also added the capability to test for genetic susceptibilities to cancers in order to maximize preventative and early detection techniques for those who need it. 

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