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Colorado Springs Obstetrics

sub_ob.jpgOur Colorado Springs obstetrics office is pleased to again be offering a full range of services for routine and complicated pregnancies from some of Colorado Springs' top obstetricians. From obstetric ultrasounds to management of complex medical problems during pregnancy, our goal is to guide you through your pregnancy while educating you on what to expect at each step of the way.

Your pregnancy care begins with a review of your history and counseling visit followed within 1-2 weeks by a new OB physical exam. Visits are then scheduled every 4 weeks until 28 weeks followed by every 2 weeks until 36 weeks then weekly until your delivery.

Our delivery hospital is Memorial Central. This facility was selected by our providers after careful deliberation of the benefits and drawbacks of each potential site, with Memorial Central selected due to its full neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) capabilities. For other hospitals within Colorado Springs, if you have complications like preterm labor or the need to deliver before a certain week gestation, you would have to be transferred to Memorial Central due to lack of these capabilities at the other sites. Therefore, by selecting Central as our delivery hospital, it minimizes any chance that your care would need to be transferred to an unfamiliar provider and facility. If you would like to tour this facility, you may register for this or other pregnancy-related classes at by clicking on “Sign up for a class” or by calling 719-444-CARE (2273).


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