We have moved! We are now located at 5731 Silverstone Terrace, Ste 250, Colorado Springs, CO 80919. See you there!

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About Our Annual Wellness and Health Maintenance Services

Providing our patients with yearly well women examinations is very important to us at Advanced Gynecology.  We believe healthy habits such as an annual preventative screening significantly decreases the risk of developing serious issues later in life.

Minor abnormalities that are asymptomatic or minimally symptomatic can often be picked up with these exams, and a serious problem such as a precancerous lesion or a cancer can usually be averted.

We also spend time discussing preventative care and answering any and all questions to keep our patients informed and protected.

generation of women walking

Preventative Care

Pap smears, pelvic exams, and breast exams are just a few of the preventative care measures we offer at our facility. We also offer immunizations. We have added genetic testing, when appropriate, to screen for susceptibilities to certain cancers in order to maximize prevention and early detection techniques for those who need it.

Our skilled physicians are also available to address and treat common medical issues such as pelvic pain, urinary infections, abnormal paps, menopausal symptoms, painful cycles and other health concerns.

Providing High-Quality Women’s Care