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Minimally Invasive Surgery at Advanced Gynecology

Minimally invasive surgery is crucial for our patients here at Advanced Gynecology. Less healing time and the ability to get back to your normal life is our goal. We specialize in laparoscopic surgical procedures that make it possible to have a short hospital stay and keep most procedures as outpatient. Many painful open procedures that were common in the past can now be done in an outpatient setting, working through small laparoscopic incisions, with significantly less pain and much faster recoveries.

woman talking to doctor

What to Expect

Before any procedure is performed we bring our patients in for a careful preoperative evaluation. During this visit, we are able to go over the procedures with our patients and make adjustments as necessary so that each procedure is correctly tailored to each patient. We discuss the procedure in full and make sure that our patients understand why surgery is indicated. Pros, cons, and alternatives are discussed as well as risks. Patients leave our office in full confidence knowing they have all their questions answered.

Providing High-Quality Women’s Care