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Birth Control Options

At Advanced Gynecology we understand that having a child is a major life change and deciding when you are ready is Important. We offer a full array of birth control options and are more than happy to discuss the different types as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each according to your specific need.


Permanent Sterilization Procedure

We also understand that there may be a time when you decide your family is complete. If so, we offer female laparoscopic sterilization as an outpatient.
Laparoscopic tubal ligation involves slipping bands over a knuckle of fallopian tube or cauterizing a segment of fallopian tube. This has been the traditional way of doing the sterilization process for many years. We do not advertise these procedures a reversible, because reversible processes are usually not covered by insurance and the reversal surgery can be expensive.A more recent recommendation is to do a laparoscopy with removal of the fallopian tubes. This is also a simple outpatient process. The reason for offering this now is the fact that we have learned that approximately 40% of what we thought were ovarian cancers, actually originate in the fallopian tube. This type of cancer is the deadliest of all the female cancers, so many ladies are now electing to have the tubes removed which reduces the risk of that terrible cancer by 40%. The downside to this procedure is the fact that such a process is irreversible.We, therefore, recommend that if a lady wishes sterilization, she should consider a tubal ligation. If she is young and there is even a remote chance that sometime in the future she might regret the decision and wish a reversal.If a lady is absolutely certain she has completed her childbearing and cannot foresee anything in the future that would cause her to wish a reversal, the removal of the fallopian tubes would be the best option. Whichever option you are considering, let us be there with you along the way and help you make the decision that works best for you and your family.

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Fertility Evaluation

Children are a blessing and most couples are able to achieve a pregnancy without any intervention.  However, attempting pregnancy but without results can be one of the most disappointing and frustration scenarios that a couple can face.

Often it can prove to be as simple as timing.  Most women ovulate 2 weeks before the start of the menstrual period.  Timing intercourse at that time can be very rewarding.  Ovulation indicator test kits are available at any drugstore.  This certainly can facilitate timing.  It also helps to rule out a potential problem with an ovulation.

Eighty percent of couples who are actively trying to get pregnant will accomplish this feat within the first year.  If more than a year has passed, it is recommended that a fertility evaluation be done.  This can be a complicated scenario, and all of our doctors have a special interest in helping our patients in this area.

Testing and evaluation can be done to determine whether or not our patient is ovulating and we can evaluate to determine whether or not there might be a tubal obstruction or an abnormality with the cervical mucus.

Other potential causes of infertility such as a previous infection with scarring or endometriosis can also be investigated.  If there is concern for endometriosis or tubal damage, laparoscopic evaluation may be needed and we will usually give an answer and can also be used to correct the problem.

We can refer the husband for a semen analysis and then to a specialist if there is a problem on that side.

We see a significant number of patients who have had a sterilization procedure, and now wish a sterilization reversal.  This is a specialty of ours as well, and we can certainly help in that arena.

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