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Tubal Reversal Procedure at Advanced Gynecology

At Advanced Gynecology, we specialize in a surgical procedure called tubal reversal (reanastomosis). It is the surgical reversal of a previous form of tubal ligation. During this procedure, the provider will surgically unblock the fallopian tubes to allow for future natural conception. Tubal reversals are most successful when little damage has been done to the fallopian tubes during the ligation process.

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What to Expect

To start the process we will request operative records to review your previous form of ligation. After it has been confirmed that your ligation can be reversed we will call you in for a consultation. During this discussion, we will go over the entire process, costs, and pros and cons to the procedure.

Many of our patients are pregnant in less than a few months after a tubal reversal and very frequently call us back with success stories.

Let us create your success story. Call us today.

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